Temperatur-Regler, TPRA, TPRB, TPRC, PIREG..-ApplikationenTemperature Regulators, TPRA, TPRB,TPRC, Pireg-ApplicationsRegulateur du temperature de souder impulsion, TPRA, TPRB, TPRC, Pireg,
Manufacturer and Contractor: http://www.fsm.ag
TPRB-for Foil welding

Impulswelding of plastic foils in packaging machines, need heated metal strips. The metal strips are electrical heated from a transformer. Heating up time until 200 degrees is  0,2 Seconds. 
The Temperature regulators are regulating on the primary side of the transformers.  The temperature is reached and holded with a tolerance lower than 1 %.

Foil welding in packaging machines with TSR or TPRC