echte Drehstromtrafos, (3-Primär-Spulen auf gemeinsamen Kern), softstartentrue 3 phase transformers, 3 primary coils on a common iron core, softstarttransfos triphasé vraiment demarrer en douce
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True types of 3 phase transformers are:

Such transformers, who content of a common 3 leg iron core,  who carry on each leg of the core, a coil package. The magnetic flow is symmetrically flowing in all 3 legs of the core.

Such transformers can be switched on in the best case, with the so called TSR for 3 phase transformers, TSRD or TSRDF.

Even big transformers with more power than 500 kVA can be soft started only with the little no load current peak of any amps.

The simply limitation of the inrush currents, only with 3 single units of a specail adapted resistive inrush current limiter, works not satisfieing.

three phase transformers softstart