Netzhalbwellen-defekt-Wirkung, Voltage dips., an Trafos, (Nach EN61000-4-11)Voltage dip reaction of a transformer.fluctuation des voltage sur les fils d´alimentation, "voltage dips", conduit aux effects inconnu sur les transfos.
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a Very short drops of line voltage, a so called voltage dips, less than 10 milliseconds, could depending of their phase angle, a Transformer bring into saturation. Then the fuse trips in the same manner like at switch on.  A TSR can shurely avoid this effect. Medical electric equipments are prooved with voltage dips. The lower graph is a sample for a voltage dip, shorter than 10 milliseconds, and shows the reaction of a transformer, who trips the primary side fuse.

the upper showed voltage drop leads to the saturation of the transformer core and draws a big current impuls from the line.
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